Growing old disgracefully

Race reports and the like

This, eventually, will be where all the words I make up regarding races I’ve done and silly big rides i do should end up, though most will also appear as normal posts on the blog…mainly becuase I’m disorganised.
The race results over there on the right will probably link to the reports too (again, eventually).

Open Adventure Coast to Coast race 2009

Daft Ride #2 – Cumbria

Sleepless in the Saddle 2009 – Hurtling backwards, on fire…

Daft Ride #1 – Mary Towneley Loop / Pennine Bridleway

3 Peaks Cyclocross 2008 – Before you can walk, first you must crawl

Hit the North 2008

Mountain Mayhem 2008 – Pure Sweet Hell

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