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February 1, 2012

Slowly, slowly catchy monkey

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The bruising and (most of) the embarrassment from the ‘puffer has gone. The worrying falling apart my body was doing over the pre Christmas period while trying to train seems to be on the back foot. The nights are starting to draw out.

And, very gradually, I’m sneaking back into the ‘pick a race, get fit’ routine.

Gentle at first; a few hours after work here, a few more there. Nothing over 4.5hrs. Just making notes about how everything feels rather than setting goals and aiming for them.
That’s gone well for the past couple of weeks so now, well, from next week, a longer ride gets chucked in here. A harder sesion is added there. Then add a bit more again. Keep an eye on how I feel as a result (any horrible exhaustion feeling like I as getting at the end of last year will have to result in another complete stop). If everything’s going OK push on a bit harder again.

I’ve some silly big rides planned (big rides are the best, even if many people argue that they constitute “junk miles”) in between all the ‘grown up stuff’ that leads me through the spring and hopefully by May I’ll be in good shape to go and get my arse kicked abroad!

Can’t wait. Seriously, the afternoons where I finish work at lunchtime and run out of the door for an afternoon in the hills, the days off work where getting out of bed isn’t as miserable as normal (even if it’s raining), they’re the best…and they begin again from next week 🙂


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    Comment by richyroth — February 1, 2012 @ 9:32 pm

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