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    Trying to keep up the pressure on my legs after last weekends back to back ‘bigger-than-usual’ rides i took yesrerday off work to do nothing other than ride my bike. I had hoped to be out riding during the eclipse (i love that sort of ‘weird nature’ thing) and i was…sadly i didn’t notice it, which was a bit of a shame, but it was still nice to be out.

    I set of at 5 past 9, managing to avoid the worst of the rush hour traffic and spent the next 8hoursΓ‚ and 10 minutes spinningΓ‚ over every hill i could find (i went for large amounts of climbing rather than out and out distance) enjoying the mild weather and sunshine.

    Nature seemed to be out enjoying itself too; the sheep, cows and horses seemed to be more, erm, bouncy that normal, rabbits and hares were flying all about the place as were the grouse and pheasant. To top it off i even got to see a deer, which pranced off through the trees (scaring the life out of me as i didn’t really notice it until it moved) looking a whole lot like bambi’s mum.

    Geeky Stats: 123.28miles, 16.0mph av. speed, 41.4mph max speed,
    146bpm av heart rate,
    7hrs 39mins riding time, 8hrs 11mins total time,
    3ltrs High 5 4:1 energy drink & 1x 750ml bottleΓ‚ coke drunk, 3x ‘geosource’ choccy bars & 1x packet of fruit pastelles eaten


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  • Simon 5:20 am on March 30, 2006 | #

    Bloody hell that’s a long ride! I think the longest ride I did in preparation for SSMM03 solo was about 50 miles. No wonder I was so shit πŸ™‚

  • Simon 5:21 am on March 30, 2006 | #

    Oh and another thing, can you click on site admin -> options and change the clock please. Ta!

  • dgpowell 2:13 pm on March 30, 2006 | #

    i intend to kick (at least some) ass at SSMM!

    if only my watch was as easy to change as the clock on this site

  • Simon 4:05 pm on March 30, 2006 | #

    Top 10 placing? I’ve only ever been in one team that’s done more laps that the solo winner! It nearly killed me.

    Will your watch be wrong until autumn now?

  • dave 4:24 pm on March 30, 2006 | #

    aye, top 10’s the plan (depending on who else is racing of course!)

    both my watch and the bike computer on the cannondale will remain wrong for the next few months…confusingly the computer on the road bike is now right once again