• An Undignified End (2)?

    wayne chases rich down the hill

    wayne in the rain

    Sunday’s ride (Burnley – Hebden Bridge circular) started in spring – albeit a windy spring – and apparently ended in winter. We were so cold by then end of it that the idea of hanging round a train station for hours had gone from being inconvenient to downright stupid, so we all piled into rich’s car.

    Rich’s car is quite small.
    Rich’s car with 3 bikes in is very small.
    Rich’s car with 3 bikes and 3 riders complete with lots of kit is beyond small.
    Rich’s car with 3 bikes, 3 riders, lots of kit might not /quite/ be completely legal.
    It certainly wasn’t comfy, as i became well aquainted with my own knees and parts of wayne’s bike became well aquainted with me.
    If i’d suffered cramp i would almost certainly have died!
    If Wayne had made another comment, from his position in the front seat (he had a seat), about how uncomfortable it was with my rear wheel occasionally tapping him on the back of his head /he/ might have died…


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  • Wayne 12:22 pm on March 5, 2007 | #

    Thats a bit unfair you wanted tokill me and I shared my wine gums with you ;-), When I got in my house I started to shiver that much my wife wanted to call the doctor.

  • dgpowell 12:29 pm on March 5, 2007 | #

    the winegums helped i think

    i ended up curled up on the sofa, wearing two thermal baselayers and a massive sweater, hugging a cup of coffee while shivering for a good couple of hours

  • matt 2:48 pm on March 5, 2007 | #

    Looks nice in those pictures, dunno what you’re moaning about :p

  • matt 4:26 pm on March 5, 2007 | #

    Is wayne about to be thrown out of an aeroplane?

  • dgpowell 4:47 pm on March 5, 2007 | #

    Looks nice in those pictures

    the blurriness in the 2nd one is rain on the lense, it was bloomin horrible!

  • wayne 7:02 pm on March 5, 2007 | #

    “Is Wayne about to be thrown out of an aeroplane?”

    I took a big back pack in the vain hope I would have something dry to wear after the ride, this was not to be as the rain attacked from all directions and managed to penetrate all but my left ear drum.