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  • Big Weekender

    off into the hills again








    Approx 14hrs out on the bike this weekend, with just over 12hrs recorded on the bike computer and nearly 2hrs of pushing/pulling/crawling/falling/generally just not travelling fast enough for it to be registered as actually riding!

    Saturday saw me and Steve ride the Big Peaks Loop from issue 20 of singletrack magazine, a 55 mile monster that took us a little over 7hrs and offered some of the most technical riding you could possibly imagine.
    On Sunday steve and I were joined by Rich and Guy for a bash around the Mary Towneley Loop, a route that Guy had just about survived last year (when he did it with absolutely no riding beforehand it should be mentioned). Again, this ended up taking a little over 7.5 hrs, if you include the cake and coffee stop in Hebden Bridge. Mostly due to the seriously crappy state the trail has been reduced to by a combination of lots of horses (par the course), bad planning and bad materials used to make the thing and partly due to the weather, which decided that we needed a damn good soaking…

    Â As far as training for SSMM goes, the weekend was good; lots of hours in the saddle in conditions (hopefully) far worse that those the race will be held in, on far tougher trails over much bigger hills. Even better was the fact that at no point did i feel tired or worn out…in fact the only part of me to feel like it had taken a pounding were my forearms and wrists, so i must be getting fitter and stronger, yay!


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  • matt 7:32 am on March 27, 2006 | #

    That’s a lot of riding.

  • dave 7:42 am on March 27, 2006 | #

    big rides rule

    plus i need to be doing lots of riding for SSMM

  • Simon 11:28 am on March 27, 2006 | #

    You need to pedal harder if that lot didn’t make you tired Dave!

  • dgpowell 4:43 am on March 30, 2006 | #

    if i rode any harder i’d leave everybody behind…and i’m to nice for that

    plus i knew i had another 20hrs worth of riding to do in the next 7 days, so had to keep a little in reserve!