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January 10, 2011

Strathpuffer WeatherWatch/I am ill

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Right, yes, erm, my lungs hurt, all over. My nose quietly runs, before freaking out and kicking off a fit of sneezing. Then the sore lungs demand a period of coughing up lung butter. I tried riding on Sunday in the hope that a bit of a fresh air blast would help clear everything up, but sadly it’s just made everything much worse (it was also the first ride in a long, long time where I was looking for a bench to sit down on and have a doze…after 3hrs).
So I’ve now taken up residence on the sofa while dosing myself up on vitamin C and such healthy things, wondering if I can get rid of whatever is causing this lurgy by Friday, in time for the trip up to Scotland for the Strathpuffer.

My piteous moaning seems pretty sad in comparison to Jase, however, who’s had much, much shitter luck. 🙁
Bummed out for him missing the race, but glad he’ll be back in a few weeks to get riding in preperation for the National Champs in May.

Irrrespective of whether I can breathe or not, the race goes ahead in but a few days, so lets have a gander at what the weather’ll be throwing at everyone:

Met Office
UK Weather

Well, erm, who knows!
Two of the three seem to think it’ll be OK – no mental snowfall, gale force winds or cryogenically cold temperatures (all of which have made an appearance in previous years) – at this point, so lets take some comfort from that 🙂

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  1. nice use of the word ‘cryogenically’.

    Comment by Jase — January 10, 2011 @ 10:29 pm

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