Growing old disgracefully

  • Mary Towneley Gloop

    Rich, Steve and Eelco all rode on Saturday this week, which i couldn’t do, so Sunday brought about a nice solo ride round the Mary Towneley Loop…a ride which leaves me feeling now the same as doing a smaller ride (like the old Burnley to Hebden Bridge route) used to when i didn’t train as much (ie. not really tired, but vaguely aware that my legs have done something).
    an old pic from the MTL
    Suffice to say in the winter sun it was lovely, the ground remained frozen for most of the ride which changed what could have been a stodgy slog into a quite a speedy cruise. Of course, the ice didn’t last for the whole ride and by the time i got back to worsthorne (where i joined the route) the bike weighed half a ton and was barely distinguishable as anything other than a moving lump of dirt…thankgod it wasn’t like that for the whole ride!

    Part of the reason i chose the MTL for sunday’s ride was to check out the section steve s and i will be riding on friday as part of the MBR. It looks good at the mo’ and includes a “nice” 2 mile climb over cobbles, from the top of which you can see all 3 Towers which we’ll then be attempting to ride round. Those 3 Towers are somewhere in the region of 40 miles apart altogether, so it’s a pretty daunting sight…pretty though.

    Hello to the other riders i saw while on the loop, all the time riding alone (mostly at night) has had a pretty poor effect on my conversational skills, which is why i hardly said anything and looked like i was having trouble thinking of nice things to say as i rode past/alongside…

    Updated: Apparently The Adventure Show is being aired on BBC scotland on or around the 25th Feb and features the Strathpuffer…so keep an eye out for yours truly, i was interviewed while trying to replace the brake pads outside my tent during the race so i might feature (and if they feature the podium stuff i’ll be there was well of course)


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  • Richard 1:22 pm on February 8, 2007 | #

    Have fun on your M.B.R tomorrow. It should be pretty challenging if the snow stays. You had better take some lights as I reckon you will be finishing in the dark

  • dgpowell 2:05 pm on February 8, 2007 | #

    We’re starting in the dark (the train gets into hadfield at 6.57!) in the hope of getting home before or around sunset

    this is a webcam loking out near the route…a nice few inches of snow buiding up on the wall!