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November 9, 2010

Living the good life in the middle of the pack…

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So, the rot’s been stopped and my ‘off season’ has been done. It managed a whopping two weeks before I caved in and tried to ride my bike properly, which is actually quite good for me. I stayed up in Scotland for a couple of days after racing at Relentless and ate a lot (then I came home…and ate a lot. Then weeks passed…and I ate a lot)
It’s been a ‘softly softly’ approach to getting back into training for the past couple of weeks; a few after-work rides before the clocks went back to get a last look at the countryside I’m lucky enough to train in before everything’s replaced by darkness. Nothing overly long, nothing particularly fast, in fact the first ride that lasted over 6 hours only took place a week or so ago.

I’ve raced a couple of times, but they’ve been races I was never going to do well in and I didn’t turn up to them expecting any sort of presense on the podium afterwards. Which was fortunate as I’ve been propping up the mid table nicely!
First up was a cyclocross race down in Liverpool – 26th out of 90-odd competitors isn’t bad and I must admit to having more of a grin than a grimace on my face for most of the race, (I’m lead to believe isn’t really in the spirit of cyclocross 😉 ). Cyclocross is great fun and I’ll be entering a few more races over the winter in the hope of maxing out the ol’ heart rate and threatening to break into the top 20 without doing any specific training for it…
Last Sunday I entered the first round of this season’s Open5 races. My map reading was OK, but my faith in my map reading wasn’t, so I followed a few people in the wrong direction a couple of times having convinced myself that I must have been wrong and they were right. I still can’t run, so I had a massive disadvantage in that repsect, but given how nice a day it was and how nice the countryside I was trotting round was, it didn’t seem to matter too much. I did a bit better on the MTB stage and I’m pretty sure I clawed my way back up the results from somwhere very near the bottom while hurtling round Gisburn Forest and the surrounding hills. I could probably have got more points and done a bit better if I hadn’t insisted on playing in the singletrack and had taken the shortest, fastest round between the checkpoints, but that didn’t seem to be in keeping with the theme of the day, so I didn’t bother.
I ended up 33rd out of 79 (I think) people, which I don’t think is too bad for me (I should probably also point out that Rich, once again, beat me as he always does at these things. One day I’ll get him though 😉 ) and combining the 5 hour race with a ride to the start of the race over in Slaidburn and back made for a nice ‘first long ride of the new season’.

And that’s it really. More long rides are planned as I step it up towards and over Christmas. I’ve got a solo spot in the Strathpuffer again and want to do well at it – I’m sick of coming 2nd there now which has given me a nice bit of motivation, so if you need me you’re best off looking for me on some desolate, windswept fellside as that’s probably where I’ll be 🙂

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  1. ah! Well done at the Open5 thing. I forgot you were doing that.
    This winter’s going to be MINT. But nowhere near as mint as next summer….

    Comment by Jase — November 11, 2010 @ 3:23 pm

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