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October 5, 2010

Stop The Rot (Relentless24) WeatherWatch

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Off up to Scotland at the weekend for the always good (I’ve only done it once, but people promise me it’s always good…and it was the one previous time I did it) Relentless 24, in Fort William.
The reason I’ve referred to it as “Stop The Rot” as, a bit like last year, I’m using it as a way of working out where my fitness has slipped to over the past couple of months. It always does at this time of year; busy times at work, races that don’t fit in with what I normally train for (ie the 3 Peaks and various ‘cross races that last a 24th of what I prefer…that sort of thing) plus the end of a season’s training – the season culminating usually in lots of summer races in blazing sunshine*

So it’s time to stop the rot, find out what my body is doing and work out from that what I need to do in order to be in kick asss shape for the Strathpuffer in January. It’ll be quite nice to get into a period of decent, planned training again, rather than the bodged together mess of riding and not riding I’ve been slacking off from recently. I’m looking forward to it, in fact.

Of course, all the slacking off over the past couple of months (the last Big Ride I did was the Kielder100…and that was ages ago!) means I’m not exactly fighting fit right now, so if you have any plans to beat me in a 24hr race this weekend would be the best time to do it 😉
Get a move on though, this’ll be your last chance before I become More Powerful Than You Can Possibly Imagine 😀
Last year I didn’t ‘race’ it at all, I told Angela not to let me know what was going on around me and just got on with plodding round at a comfortable pace. This seemed to nearly kill her and she was obviously finding it hard, not shouting at me to speed up, so this year I’ll give it more of a go, even if I’m not in the same shape I was back in June and July.

Anyway, enough rambling, what’s the weather going to be doing while the race unfolds:

Met Office
UK Weather

It might be quite nice! Yay!

*Well…lots of racing anyway

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