• M.B.R.

    Which, of course, stands for Monster Big Ride.
    Plans for MBR #1 of 2007 are now underway. Used as half training half “lets just do something impressive for the sake of it” MBR #1 will hopefully comprise parts of the Pennine Bridleway (the rideable version), Mary Towneley Loop and 3 Towers routes – and is therefore mostly off road – and is set to take place on 9th Feb.

    vague route plan for MBR1


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  • Simon 1:17 pm on January 30, 2007 | #

    That’s quite a long way 🙂

  • Richard 1:31 pm on January 30, 2007 | #

    How far is that then?

  • dgpowell 1:43 pm on January 30, 2007 | #

    Yes…yes it is quite a long way 😀

    Not sure of the distance really, it’s somewhere between 65 – 85 miles…possibly, but with lots and lots of hills

  • Richard 2:18 pm on January 30, 2007 | #

    I think to make it challenging enough, it should be a there and back ride.

    I am glad I went out on Saturday this weekend as the weather looked a bit grim on Sunday? Did you go anywhere interesting?

    Any ideas for this weekend?

  • dgpowell 2:27 pm on January 30, 2007 | #

    My most recent calculations (a bit of string on a printout of the route, very high-tech) suggest it’s slightly over 75miles…which doesn’t sound too much, i just hope it’s hard enough!

    sunday? no, steve and i just sat on the roads round blackpool/kirkham/lytham etc

    i have to ride for 7hrs this weekend, no idea where as yet though

  • miketually 4:10 pm on January 30, 2007 | #

    Long rides are ace. I like using Sustrans routes hat pass near Darlington to make longish loops:

    Darlington – Barnard Castle – Hamsterley – Darlington(http://mactually.co.uk/?p=123)
    Darlington – Tan Hill – Darlington (http://mactually.co.uk/?p=131)
    Darlington – Hamsterley Loop – Darlington (http://mactually.co.uk/?p=164)

    They’re mainly on back roads, with some tame off-road added in.

  • Ste 8:37 pm on January 30, 2007 | #

    I thought it was around 80 myself and that sounds further than 75…

    Just dismantling the road bike to send to windwave – ooh i need that box off you to post it.

    Ordered new brake pads – metal ones so beware the row from my bike.

  • matt 3:48 pm on January 31, 2007 | #

    Wave on your way past, Dave.