• Continuing ad nausium…

    Took yesterday afternoon off work and went for a ride, after tuesday’s case of severe boredom didn’t wear off and the weather seemed really far too nice to watch slip by out of an office window.
    I took the scandal with it’s latest set of brake pads out in the glorious winter sun for a nice cruise over rivington pike, darwen tower and those woods near abbey village, hoping for “proper winter” frozen ground, which i duly got…with a lot of sheet ice thrown in for good measure!
    I’ll just say that the bike rocked even though i wasn’t ‘pinning it’ for the whole ride (this being Base Training season, with me in the midst of an LSD addiction for the upcoming race season), allowed me to leave everyone i saw behind even with a low average heart rate of 141bpm, let me nail rutted icy singletrack like some sort of skilled rider and just generally made me grin even more than riding in glorious weather when i should have been in work would have done normally. It’s becoming a lovlier and lovlier bike to ride up hill for extended periods, over bumpy ground and back down for extended periods too!

    /pauses for breath

    I took a fair few photos, however they were on my somewhat battered £2.99 EZSnapz disposable camera (the same on i took to the strathpuffer and drenched), so you’ll just have to wait for me to finish the film before you get to see just how lovely and clear it was 🙂

    OH, and i got home to discover that 47miles after i set off i still had brake pad left, lots of brake pad, in fact they didn’t seem worn down at all!
    Being fully sintered pads they had less stopping power than resin ones (it was still one finger braking down all the descents mind you, even the one from the winter hill masts to belmont, which was coated in patches of sheet ice meaning i was on the brakes over the whole mile) and seemed to pump up quicker than other sintered pads i’ve used…but they were still there at the end of the ride, and that’s what counts!


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  • matt 10:56 am on January 26, 2007 | #

    It was dry yesterday though, so, to the pads, it was like summer.
    47 miles is a big ride.

  • dgpowell 11:15 am on January 26, 2007 | #

    I was pretty caked in crap by the time i got home, wherever the sun hit the ground the ice had melted and turned the ground to sludge.

    Ride was Cuerden > Rivi (barn, wide path near to reservoir, climb up behind school, pike, 2 lads, belmont descent) > road to Tockholes > singletrack over wall to side of road > climb towards tower from next to pub > nice paths over moor > singletrack orbiting darwen tower > wide gravel descent with speed bumps to pub at top of earnshaw drive road climb > access road round small reservior > steep little cobble climb back to road> road back to main entrance to woods above abbey village > ace descent through woods > home past houghton tower

    i’ll bet noone has the slightest idea where i’ve just described!

  • matt 2:30 pm on January 26, 2007 | #

    I do, except I have never done the bit from Darwen and towards preston as that would be silly, I usually head back straight towards winterhill to and then go left or right, depending on weather, legs and how much pain I want to be in.

    You do get a black mark against you for using the path to the 2 lads, unless it was solid.

  • dgpowell 2:33 pm on January 26, 2007 | #

    it were like a block of ice so it were

    if it weren’t i’d a not got up it

  • fi 10:23 pm on February 10, 2007 | #

    look git face – you do realise i read this dont you……..report to my office when i c0me back from holiday after pissing it up for a whole week!!!!!