• Kielder 100 Weatherwatch (and a sort of round up)

    Starting at the end, it’s the Kielder100 this weekend. Eek. Well kind of “eek” anyway, I mean, it’s ‘only’ 100 miles off road, that’s doable eaily enough. But it’s not a ‘Daft Ride’, or even a social ride, it’s supposed to be a race. Races are hard. This one’s too short to sit at 24hr pace and waaaay too long to do at normal-XC race pace…and no-one knows what the course is like yet, so it’s not like you can work out any real sort of strategy, so it’ll be hard to guage and no doubt hard to ride in places too. Eeek.
    I’m sure it’ll be a great event though, so lets check the weather’ll be playing ball:

    UK Weather
    Met Office

    Crikey, that looks lovely!

    OK other stuff I’ve been up to since SITS. Erm, cheered myself up the week after by rebuilding the Bullit, throwing it in the back of the Berlingo along with Wayne and driving up to Glentress to do nothing but play out in the woods. It was ace. We flew round the place with no agenda other than “grin” and had loads of fun in the freeride park pretending to be 13 again on the jumps and drops.

    I’ve found a nice steep (and big) hill to crawl up the side of, with the cross bike on my shoulder in preperation for the 3 Peaks race in a couple of weeks:


    I’ve only done it a few times, so I won’t be in any real shape to go storming past the leaders, but it has reminded me how much it hurts, which is good, right?

    I’ve done a couple of long rides to get my base fitness back – I can happily ride for 10+ hours without feeling it again now (which is why I reckon getting round the Kielder course will be OK). I’ve still not got any real ‘pace’, but hopefully I’ll get that back in time for Relentless24.

    Wayne and I went and checked out the mini-trail-centre that is Healey Nab last week and discovered that it was ace. There’s not really enough there to make it a destination on it’s own (unless you’re in the mood for some baggy-shorted ‘sessioning’ of the black run…) but it’s right next to Rivington and has a nice pub near it, so job’s a good ‘un!

    Last night Angela and I rode over to Blackpool to cruise down the prom looking at the illuminations, as the people behind the SkyRides had closed the main road to everyone but cyclists. We had the weather on our side for the ride over there through various little villages between Preston and Blackpool and, for the most part, the countryside to ourselves. Until we got there. there must have been thousands of cyclists, of all types, thundering/cruising/bimbling up and down the seafront. Kids, families, ardent-dyed-in-the-wool-types, first timers, all flying up and down under the lights until 10pm. Ace, if a little scary – that many not-normally-a-cyclist’s in an enclosed space made for some exciting riding, even at 10mph…it wasn’t anywhere near as bad as the Manchester to Blackpool ride though ๐Ÿ˜‰


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