• Bored now

    Looks nice outside, but i’m stuck inside the office (well, I’m going to a meeting in a minute, but it still doesn’t involve being outside in the nice weather). Have a couple of random (and, for once, non-bike related) pictures.

    ridley fascinated



    2:44 pm on January 23, 2007 | 4 Comments | # |


  • matt 2:49 pm on January 23, 2007 | #

    It was icy today with a strong wind.

  • Simon 3:07 pm on January 23, 2007 | #

    It was bloody gorgeous out today. Clear blue skies and frozen mud. Perfect 🙂

  • dgpowell 4:07 pm on January 23, 2007 | #

    cheers everyone, that helps, loads 🙁

    meeting was dull and populated by people who took ages to get to any sort of point, so i spent an hour daydreaming of singletrack and nodding periodically to make out i was listening

    it either worked v well or i’ve agreed to do something that no-one else wanted to do…

  • twinklydave » Continuing ad nausium… 10:29 am on January 26, 2007 | #

    […] Took yesterday afternoon off work and went for a ride, after tuesday’s case of severe boredom didn’t wear off and the weather seemed really far too nice to watch slip by out of an office window. I took the scandal with it’s latest set of brake pads out in the glorious winter sun for a nice cruise over rivington pike, darwen tower and those woods near abbey village, hoping for “proper winter” frozen ground, which i duly got…with a lot of sheet ice thrown in for good measure! I’ll just say that the bike rocked even though i wasn’t ‘pinning it’ for the whole ride (this being Base Training season, with me in the midst of an LSD addiction for the upcoming race season), allowed me to leave everyone i saw behind even with a low average heart rate of 141bpm, let me nail rutted icy singletrack like some sort of skilled rider and just generally made me grin even more than riding in glorious weather when i should have been in work would have done normally. It’s becoming a lovlier and lovlier bike to ride up hill for extended periods, over bumpy ground and back down for extended periods too! […]