Growing old disgracefully

  • Welcome to the Long Run

    Mountain Mayhem’s dust and proper racing is long gone, 2 self congratulatory weeks with little in the way of riding, followed by a slow build back up to training properly are suddenly felt guilty about and as a result it’s time to look to the future – to the rest of the season to see what’s coming up and how I’m going to use it to get back into shape:

    • First up is Hit the North, this weekend. 8hrs on a fast course should be near-hilarious given how little I’ve done since the last big race 4 weeks ago, but it should give me a great starting point to train from in order to have a chance at the other ‘big’ races on the horizon.
    • The weekend after has another Brownbacks XC race. Although they’re only a 1hr sprint, combine them with a big ride there & a big ride back and you’ve got some mighty decent training.
    • The weekend after that has got a big “Transcambrian ride” pencilled into it. No getting lost this time. A whole day in the Welsh hills is nothing but fantastic training for endurance racing.
    • We’re into August now, and that brings with it the annual trip to SITS. Last year I exploded in the heat, this year I won’t…and by this point should be back up to near race fitness, so anything could happen!
    • Then, after a few more weeks hard training we hit The Big One: The Kielder 100. Slightly worried about this, in a good sort of a way. I know there’ll be no problem with just getting round the 100 mile (natch) course, but I don’t want to ‘just’ get round the course, so maximum fitness needs to be back by this point: enough endurance to go for the whole race and enough speed to get round FAST. That shouldn’t be a problem though, I’ve learned a lot this year about what works for me training and race-craft wise, so I’ll be using all that knowledge to hopefully get me somewhere decent in the results.
    • Only a couple of weeks after the Kielder comes “that” race. The 3 Peaks Cyclocross. It’s mental…and addictive. Can I beat last year’s time of 3hrs 54min? Hopefully! More riding (and shouldering the bike up steep slopes) in the months leading up to it should stand me in good stead. In fact I’ve already started using the cross bike for training, which should help.
    • Another Brownbacks XC race the week after, then it’s final preperation time for Relentless24, up in Scotlandshire. I loved this race last year, simply because I rode it “blind” and got on with just finishing it and still managed a decent result. This year I’ll be aiming to be more competitive for the top spot on what will no doubt be a great course.
    • Then maybe I’ll have a quick sit down and a cup of tea

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  • Paul 8:51 am on July 16, 2010 | #

    I’m at the same races (apart from Relentless) although I’m doing the ‘slo-mo versions’ 🙂

  • Terry 1:08 pm on August 6, 2010 | #

    sounds good – im off to africa for 6 weeks – so no cycling for me any time soon ! enjoy it