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June 9, 2010

A little bit extra

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Went to Southport yesterday evening to watch the most local round of the Tour Series. We’d originally planned to ride down after work, get there just in time to catch the race, maybe buy some fish & chips from somewhere and hope we could get near enough to the barriers to see what was going on.

The plan changed a bit mid afternoon on Monday when a spur-of-the-moment competition entry to win VIP tickets to the race came good, instantly removing some of the problems (and replacing them with ‘better’ problems, such as “how do we get there and still get to make full use of the free drinks on offer?”).
Some hasty negotiation at work to leave early the next day meant we were able to jump the bus (which I haven’t done in years) to the seaside in time to wander around the festival-esque arena, watch the trials shows, avoid the free face painting tents (Angela wanted to look like a butterfly) and get to the fenced off Hospitalilty Area before it got too busy.


Once we’d had our names checked on the guest list and were wristbanded, to distinguish us from the proles wandering round outside, we set about the free coffee on offer and checked out where we’d be able to watch the race from. There’d be no peering over 3 rows of spectators on a desolate corner away from the important sections of the course for us (OK, so the course was only 1.3km and a loop, but you get the idea), we were only a foot or so away from the finish line. Ace.
Suddenly the free buffet was open and after a bit of shoulder rubbing with dignitaries and the like we piled our plates high with complimentary grub…and wine…then went back for seconds…and more wine…then thirds…and some beer 🙂

Suitably stuffed we lined up against the barrier, inches away from the thick of the action and made lots of noise, while continuing to work our way through the free beer supply, which was nice 🙂 (though I did find myself wishing I was racing, rather than watching)


An hour later (and the free booze supply suitably hammered) we were ushered out onto the track (trying not to feel too smug about not having to peer over barriers like everyone else) to get the best view in the house of the post-race activities, podium presentations and the like.
Watching the riders getting hounded by press, having a laugh together, swopping stories and generally milling around reminded me of finishing the big 24hr races and that great post-race atmosphere you seem to get right through the season; it’s nice to know that doesn’t change at any level or at any discipline


…and that was that. A final complimentary brew swigged we headed home, proving that there is such a thing as a free lunch (or buffet dinner).


  1. Result 🙂

    Comment by Simon — June 9, 2010 @ 11:37 am

  2. Why’s that Mormon trying to convert that cyclist, I thought they only went for young girls!!! Good score mate 🙂

    Comment by Wayne — June 9, 2010 @ 4:51 pm

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