• 7147 (i think)

    Well, it’st not quite the massive total i had imagined it might be with all the training, but 7147 miles in training and racing (ie it doesn’t include “pootling to the shops”, commuting, turbo training, spinning classes and testing new stuff) isn’t too bad i suppose.

    Today’s ride, the last of 2006 i imagine, was a fun slide fest in the mud round darwen tower and rivington…michelin comp s lights are by no means designed for sludge type riding, but that just added to the fun.
    Add that to the fact that i rode the same route as i rode a couple of days ago faster and with a lower heart rate and you’ve got one grin inducing afternoon!

    I wonder what 2007 will bring…


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  • matt 6:29 pm on December 30, 2006 | #

    Woo, that’s loads of mile though, probably 50% more then 2005?

    I gave up on today’s ride after 22 miles as I am bored, annoyed and the air in my tyres kept falling out.

    2007? me? = less riding, more other things done.

  • dgpowell 6:41 pm on December 30, 2006 | #

    yes, i think it is lots and lots more than 2005 (that was up to 2506 just before the Transalp – not sure where it ended up afterwards).

    I am in the middle of a “mud renaissance” at the mo’ ie. i’m not sick of washing it off everything i own and am having fun tring to ride smooth up and down the hills in it

    less riding?

    woo, bikes are ace

  • matt 7:09 pm on December 30, 2006 | #

    I have a house to renovate, there’s not enough time in the day for everything, I was lucky this year all I had was work, sleep, eat, ride, next year, it’ll be different. anyway I’ve had my fun, I’ve suffered and I’ve set a target for you for next year.


  • Guy 3:13 pm on January 1, 2007 | #

    I’ve setup a gallery and have started uploading all my old 2006 photos. There’s some new panoramics I’ve stiched together too:




    On individual photos it also shows camera settings from the jpg. If anyone wants to add details to any photo just leave a comment on it, it’ll email me and I’ll sort, I can setup permanent accounts if anyone’s interested.

  • dgpowell 11:38 am on January 2, 2007 | #

    now that is a pic!

    shame i was walking at the time…