• The “seasonal” post

    yes, i know that's steve and not me
    (Untainted original here)

    Don’t know what you’re hoping santa brings you this year, but i hope he brings you it too (unless it costs me something, in which case sod off, you’ve been bad and get nothing).

    This probably won’t be my last post before the holidays start, but i’m writing it now before i get drunk on mulled wine, claim i hate the whole xmas period, kick over the tree (which would be quite impressive as it’s up on a cabinet at home at the mo’) and slump in the corner watching crap tv, “humph”ing at anyone daring to smile during this festive time.

    In other news, got the strathpuffer race info email this morning, amongst other things it contains the advice:

    All riders must carry a first aid kit sufficient for dealing with a deep wound

    Deep Wound??
    DEEP WOUND???!
    Lions and tigers and bears, oh my?!
    What the bloomin heck are they planning for the course?!

    In yet more news, Matt now owns a house. A house which apparently smells of wee. Nice.
    Congratulations matt, now no-one will be able to smell your stinky cycling shoes at home ;o)


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  • Wayne 10:41 am on December 20, 2006 | #

    Merry Xmas cocker to you and your lady – see you soon (when no doubt i will have gained more weight)

  • dgpowell 11:02 am on December 20, 2006 | #

    ’tis the season…
    we need to plan some trips to far flung (well, wales and scotland) places for next year i reckon

    and possibly a trip to the ’07 world champs in fort william

  • matt 2:27 pm on December 20, 2006 | #

    “All at TwinklyDave.com” ?

    there’s more than one of you? or do you have one of those paintings in the loft that’s getting fatter and fatter, whilst you manage to remain slim (not that I’ve been looking, but I assume you’re not a porker)

    nice pic,shame about the orange and flappy plastic on the rider 😉

  • dgpowell 2:43 pm on December 20, 2006 | #

    oh OK then, the “All” refers to just me. I thought it sounded more professional, like i had a team of monkeys doing admin or something. Which i don’t, sadly; they’d definately be useful around here right now…

    i won’t mention just how much steve is going to clash with his own (spearmint blue) bike this year. Fashion faux-pas to the max!

  • matt 3:35 pm on December 20, 2006 | #


    2007 is the year of Lime Green, baby!

  • wayne 6:06 pm on December 20, 2006 | #

    If you need a team of monkeys dave, you dont have to look far they all fucking work here, big tip dont bank with the Halifax sombody will nick your cash.

    Also yes big trips sound good to me ive got a hell of alot of riding to make up for 06 – it sucked big time – as of the 01/01/07 2006 can kiss may ass

  • wayne 6:06 pm on December 20, 2006 | #

    opps my ass

  • Guy 2:42 pm on December 27, 2006 | #

    ello, hope you had a good xmas, finally got round to buying some mud tyres and new chainset/chain/cassette

    still need to get a new helmet due to nutting the ground on real ale wobble/sits a bit too often. Oh yeah, and I’ve got a scar on my head now from real ale wobble.

    Can we have lots of epic group rides for 2007 to moan about afterwards please? “I had to fill my innertube with blood when my pump failed and I had a puncture”, “I had to hold the broken frame together with my teeth on the final downhill” etc etc.