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    that's summer that is
    Look at the pic; baked dry trails with a little bit of dust being thrown up from the rear wheel, shorts and short sleeved top, heat haze in the distance, enough daylight to ride over all those hills in the distance (well, you can’t actually see that in the pic, but i’m sure you get the idea).


    Spent 3hrs of last night in the pitch black staring at a little patch of light thrown out by my lights, getting hurled from one side of the road to the other by a fearsome wind as it rained (on and off) on me…or at me more accurately, i don’t think any of the water actually hit the floor it just got blown right over the hills.
    It was pretty scary at points, when you can hardly move forward and apart from the patch of illumination in front of you there’s nothing but total darkness and noise your mind can srart to play tricks on you…suffice to say i was chased round much of the route by unseen monsters.

    Anyway, with any luck all this riding in the dark and in stupid weather will help me at the strathpuffer (which is now less than a month away). It better had do, otherwise i will be seriously annoyed!


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  • wayne 6:31 pm on December 16, 2006 | #

    How i miss her sigh