• Riding at 45 degrees

    “well, when it comes down to it, this isn’t actually much fun right now”
    I said to myself, as steve once again dissapeared in a cloud of spray thrown up from a lorry thundering past.
    “In fact, i’d say i was more enduring this than enjoying it”
    I remarked, as another stupidly powerful gust of wind sent me sliding across the road, my tyres fighting for what little grip was available under the standing water coating the tarmac.

    I thought back to just over an hour earlier, where steve and I had been climbing up to the top of tatham fell, both complaining that it should have been more sheltered than it was on the leeward side of the hill. We’d commented on how we were having a bit of trouble riding in a straight line due to the wind and how passing cars on the singletrack road was getting a bit nerve racking. We’d thought it wasn’t going to get any worse.
    Then we got to the top and thought it had started hailing on us. It hadn’t, the wind was so strong the rain was literally smashing into us and each new gust was a new lesson in taking up the entire road in an uncontrolled two wheel drift. To give an example of just how bad it was I’m pretty sure it was the first time i’ve ever had to pull my brakes while going UP a hill and it was certainly the first time i’ve had to ride on the cornering strip of my tyres in a straight line; leant over at at least 45 degrees!
    This carried on, the horrific wind and rain, for pretty much the next 3 hours until we finally made it back to preston (just, i lost count of the number of times we nearly got sucked under buses and lorries while crawling along the A6) and i squelched home. At which point i dived into the shower too quickly after getting in to allow my feet to come back to life (so much for sealskinz) and actually felt sick with the pain of he blood rushing back to them…this is definately the start of winter!

    I am now looking for some thick wooly socks and overshoes.


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