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February 15, 2010

I will destroy you…

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…if you happen to be a bicycle component.

I’ve currently got a Mavic Aksium rear wheel over at the Mavic factory in France, being poked and prodded by ‘le mechaniques’, who are trying to work out how a weedy little englishman managed to tear a great hole in the hub, by simply pedalling off his driveway.
The spare rear wheel I’ve been using on the commuto-training-cross bike is also dieing a loud, creaky death, underneath what must be incredably powerful legs as a 3rd rear wheel (that used to belong to one of the 29ers) has already snuffed it while being used as a spare.

During all this rear wheel destruction I’ve also mangled 2 bottom brackets, a chain, a shimano 105 STI (damn those things are expensive), a chainring, the (brand new) bearings in the TD-1’s rear wheel, the bearings in the old scandal’s bottom bracket, 2 road tyres and, perhaps most impressively, I snapped an LX canti in half while trying to take it off – straight across the middle!

Somehow, and despite all this, I’ve managed to get back into training properly and am currently in the process of “cranking it up a notch”, albeit on the most bodged together bike in the world.
Most of the hills are snow and ice free enough to ride over now, so I’m enjoying getting back to suffering over them – it’s mostly “force” work at the moment, which involves lots of sat-down grovelling in big gears (I refuse to pay to join a gym to lift weights when the hills are free and I weigh a ton) and the like. It’s going well, and I should have thighs of steel come the summer 🙂

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  1. Thats a pain, i sold a set of 105 STIs on ebay that month!

    Comment by Mr Shaw — April 29, 2010 @ 8:54 am

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