• Rubbish weather

    not even photoshop can sort out these drained out colours
    Yesterday’s rain, forecast for the afternoon arrived early and stayed with us all day, making our “play and explore” of Gisburn a somewhat soggy affair.
    Despite the constant deluge we had some fun hunting down new singletrack hidden in the trees, slithering up and down it and then contemplating where our youthful DH skills had gone as we stopped at the top of every drop or steep roll in like a pair of wussy girls.
    (I blame the greasy, slime covered roots that seemed to be a precursor to every chute…and my tyres; they were the wrong sort for the conditions…honest).

    In completely unrelated news, brant (well, brant’s wife, if we’re being pedantic) had a baby at the end of last week, so congrats go out to them.
    Oh, and this weeks

    loon of the week

    award goes to Ed, who’s racing the Strathpuffer in January, as his first 24hr solo. That’s one hell of an intro to solo racing!


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  • matt 3:14 pm on October 23, 2006 | #

    Solo, January, 24hour, First Race.


  • Ed 7:56 pm on October 23, 2006 | #

    maybe I should do it singlespeed…fixed, or without lights. Can’t wait

  • dgpowell 10:19 am on October 24, 2006 | #

    I’d only think you were truly crazy if you turned up with just shorts and thin jerseys!

    If my calculations are correct (and they really might not be) the sunrise/set time for the race are 3:52pm (set)
    and 8:56am (rise)

    wow, that’s 17 odd hours of darkness…

  • matt 10:57 am on October 24, 2006 | #

    Sounds about right, Dave, didd you adjust for it being in the super north though?

    I remember at school it used to be dark before the end of last class (3.55pm) interesting eh?

    3.55 what kind of a time was that?
    35minute lessons too.. what;’s the point in that,
    “let’s have lessons 30mins long”
    “no that would be a nice rounded figure, let’s do 37mins”
    “are you a t*t?, 35mins, that’;s odd enought to make double lessons seem like an age”
    “Good plan, 35mins, what time should we end?”
    “No! do you not listen, we’re trying to mess with the pupil’s heads”
    “Now, you’re learning”
    “how long for lunch?”
    “ermm right ok, not an hour, right, weirdo”
    “you gotcha!”
    /man fires shooter mcgavin fingers