• Novelty Oversized Trophy

    reflections on a trophy
    Yup, I won the Leisure Lakes overall race series and got a stupidly large trophy for my troubles as well as some money (- money immediately spent by angela on shiney new bits for her bike). Woo.
    Another picture of me in some local paper apparently (“these are the pics we’ll use for the press release”…you have press releases now?) and, on the day, another win in the race.
    Wasn’t overly impressed with the lad who came second’s decision to use the slower fun racers as moving road blocks, well, there’s nothing wrong with *that* per se – it’s all tactics i suppose – but when you cause several of them to nearly crash I think you’re taking it too far. Fair enough if you’re racing in one of the NPSs or some such thing, but in a fun race, like the leisure lakes ones, with newbie racers and first-timers all over the place you should really calm it down a bit.
    Anyway, i won, by a minute or so in the end, so all’s well that ends well.
    Back to base training now, which is actually quite fun as it allows for more “staring at the view” moments than the usual full on effort training…for now at least. Obviously once the nights draw in properly it will be mainly a “peer into the patch of light splashed on the road by the lights” affair, in the cold, and the rain, and the wind, with wolves following me though the deserted moors, howling to other creatures of the night about the tasty looking (slightly scrawny) meal that slowly grinding it’s way right through their lair…


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  • Wayne 10:16 am on October 16, 2006 | #

    I think by “press release” they mean “picture in Autumn/winter catalogue” thats nationwide coverage cocker, fame at last!!!;-)

  • matt 12:43 pm on October 16, 2006 | #

    Dave’s going to be viewed on toilets across the country.

  • dave 1:32 pm on October 16, 2006 | #

    when my new range of toilet seats comes out i will…

  • matt 5:32 pm on October 16, 2006 | #

    can we wee on your rim?


  • dave 8:47 am on October 17, 2006 | #

    nasty nasty man

  • matt 8:57 am on October 17, 2006 | #

    I try.

  • Wayne 10:11 am on October 17, 2006 | #

    never had Matt down as a rimmer!! filthy

  • matt 12:46 pm on October 17, 2006 | #

    Hmm, this has taken an unsavoury turn.

  • dave 5:01 pm on October 17, 2006 | #

    yes, lets all talk about something nice instead

    cake is ace