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August 21, 2009

They’re getting shorter…

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A 1 hour ride? It hardly seemed worth it as I set off from the car (after delivering Matt his tea) at Rivington. Luckily, Rivi is quite a lot of fun and you can get a decent blast from the trails round there if you’ve an hour to spare, so after riding past the scary fallen tree I threw myself up a few climbs and chased everyone I saw down (including the roadie riding up the road from Belmont, raar) until it started to get dark. An enjoyable blast that loosened my headset a bit.


Yes, I paused briefly to take a picture, though the camera wouldn’t focus due to having so little battery power it just died straight after taking that pic, so there’s a lot of photoshop filtering going on…still, you get the idea – countryside, sunset, nice bike and so on.

Hopefully the driver’s seat of the berlingo has dried out now; I forgot to take a change of clothes, so i had to drive home sat in what felt like a puddle (of WATER, before you start…from the earlier RAIN, jeez).

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  1. I like that pic, very dramatic!! note to self must get new lights, it’s nearly time for floodlit empty trails

    Comment by Wayne — August 22, 2009 @ 12:12 am

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