• on a frozen pond, that’s starting to crack…

    Took the cannondale for a spin after work on Friday to check everything was OK with it (and partly because i finished work at a reasonable time). I knew it felt pretty rough before i left as the season’s racing had battered the poor thing to within an inch of any bike’s life, but nothing prepared me for just hjow knackered it actually was…
    …2 hours after leaving work i got home aboard a bike with a headset so devoid of grease you’d swear someone was hacksawing iron railings if i rode past, a bottom bracket that was as noisey as it was rattley, pedals that – just like the headset – would make any bike mechanic wince they ground their way round the axle so harshly, brakes that refused to come off the rim properly as their springs had lost any real sense of being a spring and one less spoke in the rear wheel than i’d set off with!

    Suffice to say saturday afternoon was spent bodging things back together as best i could for sunday’s race (this is the off season?), with liberal amounts of grease being forced into components that would really rather have just be left to die and spokes from random old wheels found hiding behind the fridge being jammed into DT Swiss 240s flange holes, completely out of sequence with the rest of the lovely DT revolutions super-butted spokes.

    Sunday =ed race day, so obviously i peered out from behind the curtains to see a deluge of biblical proportions wash away any chance of the grease i lovingly forced in to my bike staying there. I set off in the rain, got soaked through within 30 seconds of leaving the house, then it stopped raining and became gloriously sunny

    The race itself went OK, a 65hr working week, lots of crap food (look, it IS supposed to be the off season, right?!) and no sleep combined with the front brake wedging itself on the rim to make me feel incredably under powered compared to normal…and i don’t usually have all that much power anyway, what with most of my training being endurance based!
    I battled my way round the sticky damp course, with my Comp S lite tyres doing their best to slide on any root i got near and eventually broke clear of the other racers on lap 4 and won by a minute or so.
    The win meant I kept my 100% record for the summer race series, took the overall title, got some free SIS drink (well, everyone got that actually) and all us trophy winners got our pic in the local paper, hurrah!

    Another 65hr working week is coming this week, followed by an “adventure race” at the weekend (ye gods i truly can’t remember the last time i did any running whatsoever), before i get down to planning and make a start with next year’s preperation for 24hr racing (next year is going to ROCK)…oh and there’s still the Flintshire Challenge in a couple of weeks as well as the leisure lakes winter xc series to kick ass at…oh god my bike is going to die!
    What off season?


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  • Wayne 10:34 am on September 25, 2006 | #

    no pain no financial gain!!

  • dave 11:00 am on September 25, 2006 | #

    in that case i am *so* due a lot of financial gain!

  • matt 4:29 pm on September 25, 2006 | #

    at least you knew about the 12hour days and there’s extra monkeys for your bike rebuilding budget.

    it’s not like it’s gloriously sunshiney today or anything

    /looks out of window

  • Wayne 4:04 pm on September 28, 2006 | #

    Whats crack have you got a sponsor jay boy??

  • dave 4:34 pm on September 28, 2006 | #

    Aye, provided everything goes to plan

    (details to follow, once we’ve sorted them)

    looks like i’ll be winning loads of 24hr races next year aboard an On-One ScandAL, with super light carbon forks, dinotte lights and such shiney lovelyness

    plus i’ll be doing some extra races like the 3 Peaks as well

    will write something proper when i’ve got time

  • Wayne 5:10 pm on September 28, 2006 | #

    cool well done cocker 😉

  • matt 9:49 am on September 29, 2006 | #

    FINALLY! you’re going rigid.. now……. about those gears.

  • Wayne 10:46 am on September 29, 2006 | #

    Does this mean your gonna be running on 29″ wheels then? you will be in the sky!!