Growing old disgracefully

  • A round up

    Hello there, I’ve stuck the site back together with a bit of glue and string in between bouts of doing stuff including:

    • going on a ‘bikability’ course, to teach people how to ride bikes (you know, kids and the like – I’m not teaching people how to do super gnarly stuff, or coaching them to be uber fit bike monsters cos that’s well beyond me!).
      The course has been good so far, though the commute into manchester each morning hasn’t been (i miss walking/riding into work, motorways suck – as do rush hour jams and people to late to bother looking where they’re going), only tomorrow to go (final assessment etc)
    • moving house, from the diddy wee end terrace i’m in right now to a cool big detached thing with gardens (i have to mow a lawn and everything), more bedrooms, a big garage for bikes and car all at once and enough room to actually swing a cat. Suffice to say everything i own is being mashed up into boxes right now.
    • trying to get the phone/broadband reconnected after talktalk disconnected it 3 weeks early (then claimed it was a fault with the line…)
    • plotting a route for sunday’s Daft Ride and doing a little more recceing of said route. This Ride is going to be Massive…Massive I tells ya!
    • Getting ready for another Big Week on the bike next week, after chilling more this week, yay for big rides!

    more soon 😉


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  • trio 8:15 am on July 17, 2009 | #

    Daft ride looks fab!

    Have you been doing your training with Bikeright? That’s who I’m working for! If I had known I could have annoyed you when I was in the office the other day!

  • Rich 12:17 pm on July 17, 2009 | #

    Is the course any good, I am meant to be doing one in October, although I am not sure if it is the same as yours.

    Are you in your new house then? I need to pick up with you to sort some time out to practice a few things for the coast to coast. I will give you a call over the weekend

  • Wayne 4:39 pm on July 17, 2009 | #

    New house, just a few questions

    A) When is the warming of said house?

    B) what are you going to stick behind the fridge now?

    C) When is the party?

  • dgpowell 8:33 pm on July 17, 2009 | #

    Yep, it was the bikeright course, I didn’t realise it was the same course you’d been on!

    It’s really good, nice and in depth – it does feel like it’s aimed at schoolchildren quite a lot, but it’s also quite easily adaptable, so you could use it for almost anyone

    not in the new house yet, but our phone is working again, so i’ll give you a bell over the weekend

    give me a chance to get everything sorted before cracking the beer open 🙂