Growing old disgracefully

  • Nice people

    Guy is today’s “Top Bloke” for agreeing to be my helper for SSMM, seeing as he didn’t get in.

    Nice one Guy!

    Apart from that I have nothing interesting to say…
    I span around last night, in the living room, like small children do to make themselves dizzy…don’t know why i did it really, i just did. It was great whilst i was moving, just like i remember it, getting silly fast and starting to wobble slightly…the fear of swirling too far in one direction and clouting some furniture at full pelt, sending some priceless antique vase flying…before trying to stop dead and grab onto the edge of the sofa to fully get the headrush effects.

    Sadly what used to feel like a great headrush now feels more like plain old nausea :o(
    Maybe i really am getting old (or my body is anyway)

    Erm, if this bit of the site keeps falling off the page, then disappearing, then reappearing in the wrong colours etc. try to ignore it, I’m “having a play” at the moment to see what i can do with wordpress…


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