• Big numbers…

    My nan is 90 today. 90! Crikey! That’s a big number to get to.

    Without noticing, during yesterday’s ride i crossed over the 4000miles on the road bike mark (i’ve had the road bike for just under a year). Which was nice.

    Tomorrow i intend to do a 100+ mile ride over lots of big hills (3 catagory 1, 1 catagory 2 and 2 catagory 3 climbs, with lots of undulations inbetween) in order to fully kick the arse of the 5000mile mark for this year’s training (it’s sat at 4941 miles as i write this). Raar! OK so i’m behind matt now in terms of mileage, but i don’t care – i have to sit behind this desk at certain times and he can go and play whenever he likes (within reason) 😉

    Big numbers are cool


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  • matt 3:16 pm on September 7, 2006 | #

    Yes, that’s the only upside to my riding.. oh and more of mine;s been on mountain bikes, becasuse I am not a disco-slipper-wearing-road-freak (and I don’t like road riding in the rain)

    you’ve done more century’s then me though.. erm. my count is 0.

  • dave 3:29 pm on September 7, 2006 | #

    more of mine would have been proper riding (ie mtb) if i lived within spitting distance of a gurt big hill like you do

    sadly i have to ride about 15-20 miles just to get to any hills, so i wouldn’t have enough time to do it on the mtb

  • matt 10:02 pm on September 7, 2006 | #

    INdeed.. we should be paid to ride.. I’d like that, paid to ride and bike parts paid for too, save me millions each year.. why do they make stuff out of cheese?

  • dave 10:22 am on September 11, 2006 | #

    just pay for my riding kit, that’s all i need…

    do that and i’ll win everything and never stop smiling