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May 31, 2009

The Heat (The (lack of) Energy)

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I hate the first ride after a bit of time off the bike. Hate it. It’s always a horrible shock to the system, a system that’s slipped, quite happily, into lounging around without getting worked over by big hills and being fed regularly and with large amounts. My legs always feel wibbly and weak, my lungs feel like someone’s scraping cheese graters over them at the slightest hint of a climb and as time marches on i seem to find extra rolls of belly pork battling against the fabric of my shorts (both bib and waisted). Suffice to say I do not make for a pretty picture on my first post-holiday ride nowadays.

It doesn’t help when that first ride has to be done in sweltering (yes, it is sweltering, even if it’s not actually as hot as lots of other places – it’s horribly humid and the air feels like treakle, ok?) temperatures under the unblinking gaze of a sun that seems to be making up for not bothering to turn up at all last year by nuking everything from orbit in one go. I did not enjoy it. Normally, despite the whole feeling rubbish thing, I’m glad I’m out riding, but Friday’s ride was just horrible. I grovelled up a few hills before having to stop and take a few seconds to wait for the blood to make it’s way slowly back up into my head (presumably it didn’t want to be there as it was a bit closer to the sun or something), swore at myself a bit, carried on for a few more miles and headed up over another hill (waddington fell this time), only to have to stop again 2/3rds of the way up and sit in the shade while all the blood in my body went on a trip to my feet. This pattern continued for another hour or so – ride, get dizzy and hot, stop, get annoyed, ride etc before I got thoroughly fed up of it and headed home.

After that hideous failure of a ride I was a bit apprehensive about how I’d feel today, so I knocked the Brownbacks XC race on the head and decided to have another go at the same route as Friday. Thankfully I felt much better and didn’t have to take any Senior Moments at the side of the road this time. The wind had definately picked up though, which was – possibly for the first time ever – almost welcome as it helped with cooling me off a bit. I came close to running out of drink after about 5hrs, despite having 3ltrs of energy drink in the camelback and a big 1ltr bottle of water on the bike, but found a petrol station in the nick of time and bought, then downed in one, a couple of bottles of milkshake while slumped against the ubiquitous fag-end encrusted bucket of sand by the door…much to the amusement of a family sat in a nice air conditioned car just in front of me!

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  1. No way I was racing at the quarry yesterday either!
    I settled for sitting down and watching all the silly sods who were 😉

    Comment by terrahawk — June 1, 2009 @ 9:18 am

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