• Pros ride over my hills…

    a bit like me, only faster
    Steve and I rode out to the Trough yesterday, to watch the Tour of Britain come streaming over some of the hills we spend large amounts of time stomping over for training (and “escaping from real life”).
    Apparently the two leaders had averaged over 30mph from the start in Blackpool to where we saw them. That’s quite scary as i rarely get to 30mph unless i’m heading down a hill. Add to that the fact that, when i ride over the same set of hills – even with a bit of gusto – i tend to average around 17 – 19mph and you come up with a clear indication that there’s something very wrong with them (not me, I’m perfect, the fault is theirs)!
    peloton in the distance
    I’ll be riding over the hills in the pics tonight, in the pouring rain no doubt, pretending that i’ve broken away from the peloton and am racing for the glory of the stage win. Feel free to laugh at my pitiful efforts to look fast and impressive if you happen to be up there…


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