Growing old disgracefully

  • the annoyance caused by the continuing progression of technology

    Just back from a nice break in Croatia and a tad peeved (if not surprised) at how redundant my once awesome old canon digital camera has become.
    It’s being outperformed, image quality wise, by the cheapo new camera (also a canon), despite the original RRP of the old S1 being somewhere in the region of 6 – 7 times that of the new bargain-bucket A470.
    A case in point: I took a “point-and-shoot” piccie with the A470…well, strictly speaking i took as much control as possible, which was to look after the ISO and white balance, but the camera doesn’t have any real manual control… and this is a crop of part of the shot:
    crop pic from a470
    (click for bigger)
    I then took the same shot setting the old S1 up as similarly as I could (I couldn’t get it exact, as the S1 doesn’t have as high an f-stop – the max being 8 rather than the 11 on the a470 (though it was only at 9 for the pic), and it’s ISO settings arent the same – it was set at 50, rather than the A470s 80) and got this crop of the same section:
    crop from powershot s1

    The cheapo £49 camera seems far better! It’s also half the size, has higher ISO/aperture settings and doesn’t eat batteries quite as badly…and I’m not even going to mention the old camera’s3.2mp resolution vs the new one’s 7.1, partly because it’s not a huge issue seeing as I rarely print stuff out but also partly because it shows up just how old the old camera is!
    Damn it.
    If only it had some manual controls – then it would be ace, but half the fun of (annoying everyone around you while faffing with) photography is fettling settings to get a nice shot, so I can’t just retire the old S1…

    Here’s a resized version of the original pic with the a470:

    and the same with the S1:

    Neither is, by any means, bad. But it’s still galling to know that people who buy cameras from argos on a whim can get better quality pics than me (feel free to insert comments about me being crap at pics/bad workmen and their tools etc)

    I forsee money being spent at some point in the future on something with lots of controls, more uptodate quality pics, that’s pocketable and makes me feel like a proper photoist…even though I’m quite blatantly not 🙂


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  • Wayne 9:13 pm on May 28, 2009 | #

    Welcome back mate, was it a good hol? 2 weeks to go now and im off to see croatian brothers

  • Wayne 9:16 pm on May 28, 2009 | #

    get on ebay you can get a decent slr for £50 these days

  • dgpowell 10:05 pm on May 28, 2009 | #

    it was a cracking hol; croatia is lovely…we were on the coast for most of it, so i didn’t get to check out if there were any worthwhile hills to ride mind you 🙂

  • Steve 7:14 am on June 24, 2009 | #

    Hey Dave,
    You overlapped with Mike. He went out as you as you were coming back.

    He got the chance to ride the roads inland a bit from Dubrovnik. He’s posted some nice pictures, and reports on his blog……

    SB 🙂

  • mike 6:43 pm on June 24, 2009 | #

    hey, lots of worthwhile hills inland and also in the mountains on the coast between Sibenik and Omis… also pretty damn nice mountains on Hvar and Kor?ula… 🙂 It get hilly around Mostar too