Growing old disgracefully

  • (not a race) weatherwatch

    Silly big ride on Sunday with terrahawk, dubbed the MTLPBW. There are no prizes for guessing the route. It’s big enough to warrant it’s own weatherwatch© so here we are:

    The start of the route:


    The other end of the route:

    The general theme at the moment is for it to be nice weather. Hurrah. Presumably whoever is in charge of the weather has forgotten it’s a bank holiday weekend!


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  • kateC 11:55 am on April 29, 2009 | #

    i’m working all weekend, therefore can guarantee perfect weather for such an outing

  • Harry the Spider 1:19 pm on April 29, 2009 | #

    Ignore the weather forecast. Yesterday it was meant to be weeing down from lunch time and we didn’t get a drop until about 10:00pm. During the 7:00pm forecast they said that rain would continue throughout the evening. What rain? Why don’t they look out of the window before spouting their rubbish on the telly?

    Next time a see Dianne Oxberry she getting a kick in the bum.


  • trio 8:17 pm on April 29, 2009 | #

    That sounds crazier than my weekend plan, my big ride is on saturday though.

  • terrahawk 5:20 pm on April 30, 2009 | #

    looking forward to climbing South Head, 90 miles in….