Growing old disgracefully

  • a farewell to summer?!

    Got out on the bike every evening last week (well, not monday, but every other evening). It was chuffing lovely every time. Didn’t really have time for big rides, so I just tried to go fast instead, which was interesting. I seemed to be moving faster than anyone else I met out in the hills, but obviously I don’t know who was out so that may not mean anything.
    Felt good though 🙂

    Didn’t have much time today for a proper ride- don’t worry though, I’ve got 8hrs in the rain planned for tomorrow to make up for it – and wasn’t in the mood to battle my way through the throngs of people who would undooubtedly be out on all the hills so I just went and played out in the woods behind Abbey Village, amongst the bluebells, in the trees, on the swoopy singletrack.
    It was ace.
    All dusty dry, super swoopy, rooty but not slippy, by no means nu-school calderdale tech, but it did have little tech sections to break up the zoomy fast bits
    It was juuuust right…and made even better by rarely being more than a few yards away from groups of walkers and roads without anyone even realising i was there 🙂
    I also rediscovered the difficulty of taking a pic of yourself…i gave up after a couple of attempts as it was eating into my riding time…


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  • Wayne 8:04 pm on April 28, 2009 | #

    looks like i missed a good days ride 🙁

  • dgpowell 8:22 pm on April 28, 2009 | #

    i was only out for a little under 2hrs…and that included the time it took to strap my camelback to a tree, so i had somewhere to stick the camera for the self protrait 😀

    once the weather sorts itself out it’ll be a good after work play area 🙂