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August 2, 2006

The healing process

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pic blatently stolen from UPDATE: the results are out, I finished in 4hrs 54mins.
That’s me in that pic that is, obviously taken very early on in Sunday’s Merida, as both my legs are the same shape, there’s a distinct lack of bruising and my bars still appear to be in one piece!

The swelling on my leg and shoulder is going down now, as is the number of sympathy votes I’m getting at work (never get any at home!) and my limp is becoming less pronounced…although stairs are still not my friend. This is good as it was a kind of bland swelling, not an ‘exaggeration of the muscles’ style swelling.

Most of the bruising is fading, which is a bit of a shame as bruises don’t hurt much, but do look rather dramatic and when mixed with the right tale of tragedy and “‘race-car-driver’ daring-do” can be highly effective bages of coolness.

The bike has been cleaned, checked over and modified to counter the problems i found on sunday. I’m sat in the office awaiting a nice box of shiny new stuff (bars and grips) to replace what was written off in the race and the option to upgrade components that didn’t work as well as i would have like is being considered…
…oh ok, there weren’t any components that didn’t work well (myself not included!), I’m just a bit bored and like looking at shiny new stuff!

The size of the drops and steepness of the descents on Sunday’s route have grown dramatically. My heroism, skill and talent during the event have increased 10fold, as has the amount of climbing and overall distance of the route when ever I am asked about it (or find some way of inserting it into completely non-related conversations if i don’t feel my greatness has been acknowledged enough) and the percieved nonchalance with which i describe these things has also increased somewhat.

I’d say the healing process was in full swing


  1. mate you need to get the gnarly look right for the photos – its a good attempt but you have to race a lot in the NPS etc where lots of pics are taken to get the true vain look…

    ps that drop was very steep and got even steeper, infact, dave crashed just around the corner from this IIRC…

    Comment by Steve — August 2, 2006 @ 8:02 pm

  2. what’s actually captured there is the moment directly between me thinking

    “oh sh-t there’s someone sprawled accross the path and i can’t stop”
    “oh, it’s a cameraman, i’d better adopt ‘sexy pose'”

    it may be that the concentration required to adopt ‘sexy pose’, while trying to corner and brake hard, actually contributed to my crash further down the track…

    Comment by dgpowell — August 3, 2006 @ 8:56 am

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