Growing old disgracefully

  • WP = Sellout?

    Well kind of, but not really…


    what i mean is that this thing isn’t quite the same as setting up a DB manually and writing the pages/php to make it all work…which was my original idea many moons ago (and something i kept starting and them leaving “on the shelf”), but it can be pulled apart and stuck back together however i like, as well as having whatever i want to add to it added, which goes some way to reducing the “i’m a corporate knobber” feeling…


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  • matt 10:22 am on March 14, 2006 | #

    HEY, don’t know WP, it’s damn good for what it is (free) and from a little look last night it’s easy to customise, and also saves you writing everything.

  • matt 10:45 am on March 16, 2006 | #

    Oh and Bloody write some more 🙂

  • Olly 7:33 am on March 21, 2006 | #

    Only corporate knobbers use WP.

    Oh, hang on…