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December 19, 2008

OK maybe I can’t take a hint / the xmas post*

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Somehow I managed to forget about all the crap that had occurred on Tuesday’s ride by yesterday lunchtime, so I had another go at riding.
I spent the first hour and a half boiling (once again, the forecast rain was late in turning up so i was somewhat overdressed for the balmy double-figures temperatures), then it got silly windy as I got up on to the tops of a few hills, THEN the rain turned up and made everything cold and miserable and then it got dark too.
Climbing up over some of the more exposed fells (where, in summer, you can see right across from morecambe bay, over a big chunk of the lakes, some of the pennines and right across ingleborough, whernside and more of the yorkshire dales in one go, with pendle hill behind you) the combination of lashing rain, gusting strong winds and distinct lack of light made it mans weather. Mans-mans weather in fact, i was hauling myself up the road roaring at the conditions and snarling at anything that dared to try and slow me down.
Yeah, that’s not true, actually.
I was huddled down as low as i could go, whimpering slightly and feeling very, very small and exposed while trying not to think about what would happen should the bike suffer some sort of catastrophic failure when i was so far away from civilisation. Wuss.

My new altura gloves apparently push the limits of what can truely be classed as waterproof by not slowing the ingress of water at all, so by the time I started descending my hands were soaked through and painfully cold. In fact i ended up using the silly waterproof mitten things that came sewn into my gore waterproof jacket for the first time (I’d never used them in the past as I felt they were just too close to being like the mittens the “special” kid you knew in school had sewn into his duffel coat…). That helped keep some feeling in my fingers, but made braking a bit more interesting and reduced my ability to wipe my nose (and would have made giving drivers ‘the finger’ practically impossible…which would have been a shame as the altura gloves come with handy reflective finger tips for just such gestures), so my the time i hit the main roads again i was fairly snotty!

Thankfully the rain died off as the ride continued and, had the wind sodded off, it would have been quite a nice evening. The wind didn’t sod off of course, so i just mashed the pedals for a few more hours without ever getting anywhere while getting blow dried.

It’s nearly christmas, so i’ve dug out a nice old piccie (3 years old in fact) that sums up what the season should be all about:

xmas card

farting about in the snow 🙂
that was an awesome ride.

*i’m still in work next week, so this probably won’t be the last post before xmas, but on the off chance i actually do some work instead of tinternet surfing…bah humbug.

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  1. MAN UP YOU WUSS !!! !dont see me moaning !

    Comment by terry — December 20, 2008 @ 10:12 am

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