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December 2, 2008

slip sliding away

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We’ve been “blessed” with some proper winter weather over the past few days – you know the sort, really low temperatures, but with no wind and no rain to spoil the party, so it’s actually been a pleasure to get out into the countryside and make the most of it.

Angela and I nipped up to ambleside on sunday and, well, ambled really. A short route round Loughrigg (suprisingly empty of walkers/riders – presumably most people are to wussy to go outside when it’s below freezing) was full of full-on frosty winter views of the hills. The lake district looks ace at this time of year when it’s not immersed in cloud, but sadly I forgot my camera so you’ll have to imagine it (or go there yourself).
Oh, and should you go to ambleside in the car, the little pay and display car park on the way into town is free on sundays between now and christmas – so don’t stand around in front of the P&D machine counting out change like we did, as you’ll look like an idiot…

I also decided, while wandering around loughrigg terrace, that it would make a fantastic night ride location and would be about the right length to nip out, play about and get back in the pub before getting too cold, must sort that out sometime…

Yesterday’s ride was ACE. It was minus 3 when i rode out away from the house and, despite my fingers stinging for the first 15 minutes until i warmed up properly, i got my clothing spot on for the conditions. the temperature guage on my computer never got above 2 degrees but i remained toasty throughout and spent the entire day grinning.
The frozen ground didn’t eat brake pads (in fact the standard organic ones I had fitted had barely worn down at all when i got home), the lube on the chain lasted for hours as there was nothing to wash it off and i didn’t even get wet feet 🙂
I rode around, up hill and down dale for about 6hrs 45mins, not at a flat out pace (tis not the season for that), but spent much of the day searching out the tricky, techy trails that are usually too sloppy and muddy at this time of year and nailed most of them in a most pleasing way.
Only one “off”, when i misjudged the frozen-ness of a big muddy pit and lost the front wheel into a bog, but plenty of smooth (i hesitate to use the word “skillful”, but it kind of was) flowing riding got me up/down/across/over/under most obsticals and kept my spirits high. So high that i didn’t want to go home as the sun set, but being poorly prepared i didn’t know how much battery life was left in the bar mounted dinottes, so i called it a day and nailed the final descent as the last rays light just about lit up the trail in front of me. Nice.

The random patches of sheet ice weren’t quite so much fun, but hey, you can’t have everything i suppose, and they did give me a chance to practice riding VERY gently every now and again! Plus they were a small price to pay to find the top of winter hill completely solid for once!

Oh, the car is in “very good condition throughout” apparently (mr draper would be proud), but apparently my spare tyre has a puncture…which is VERY ODD considering it didn’t have a puncture 2 weeks ago when i replaced it with one of the old rear tyres. Hmm. Dubious…


  1. Why didn’t you just ride along the access road? It’s open now, probably not officially, but the 9 times I’ve ridden past workers they don’t care now.

    Comment by Matt — December 2, 2008 @ 12:44 pm

  2. i didn’t realise it was open – there were men in flourescent jackets (not cycling ones) standing around looking important, i didn’t notice the barriers were gone.
    anyway, it was fun, all bumpy but fast too

    Comment by dgpowell — December 2, 2008 @ 12:55 pm

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