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November 28, 2008

renewing the old

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First up: yay! The Triffids are coming back. Now they just need to remake the Tripods and Airwolf and i can get back to being a child again (or rather, more of a child than i currently am).

Secondly, I now definately own my car – dropping it off at the dealers yesterday afternoon I was greeted with “you’re not mr draper?” from the head honcho…who seemed to know every one of the car’s previous owners personally. I explained that said mr draper had sold the car because he was too ill to drive anymore (this is what i was told by the salesman at the garage where i bought the car earlier in the year) and was immediately presented with a barrage of questions about mr draper’s current health.
Obviously i knew nothing about how mr draper had been doing since selling his car to a garage just over half a year ago…and felt a bit guilty about not being able to keep the dealership informed about his ups and downs, so i offered some non committal answers such as “mmm”, “yes i think so” and several awkward laughs until the conversation moved on to just who i was.
My name, phone number and postcode (feeling slightly dirty revealing i live in PR1 and not some leafy suburb) were typed into the computer and mr draper was gone forever.

The details on the computer now changed, the head honcho and I went back to my car to do a “pre service visual check”.
It began with head honcho telling me “this isn’t any sort of judgement on you, it’s just for our records”, immediately after which he set about judging me on the state of the car.
A car which is, I now know, utterly covered in scratches and dents that I’d never noticed. I had always thought it was in good nick visually, but thankfully the repetition of “oh, that’s quite a sizable crease”, “there’s some pretty serious scuffing here” and “oop, another scratch there” relieved me of that belief in double quick time. Any credibility I still had after letting myself down with my lack of knowledge about mr draper was gone by the time we reached the rear bumper. Totally.

I was close to just running away and never coming back by the time we’d done a full lap of the car and as he turned the key in the ignition, only to be belted with Radio 1 blaring out of the speakers I had to bite my lip to stop a flood of apologies from pouring out. He wrote something down on the service documents as I stood with my head hung in shame, claiming it was the mileage, but I’m pretty sure I saw the words “obvious bad driver” and “awful taste in music – do not leave alone in reception, may steal pens” next to my name.

I have to go back there later to receive my pennance for being an awful member of society. I’m not expecting it to be cheap, especially as I’ve worn the brakes out and managed to knacker to lock on the tailgate in the short time since mr draper allowed me use of his old car…thank god i washed it and hoovered up inside last week though, eh? can you imagine what they would have thought of me if it’d turned up as dirty as it was at the start of the month?!



  1. I’m left with a genuine interest in Mr. Draper now.

    Comment by mark — November 28, 2008 @ 1:05 pm

  2. Best… post.. ever!

    Good to see you finally using your Degree-Level English! 😉

    Comment by Matt — November 28, 2008 @ 1:31 pm

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