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November 25, 2008

A post about the weather

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sorry, I’m sure you’ve heard it all before, but anyway.

Thursday afternoon/evenings ride started OK but went downhill weather wise as the sun set. Riding over Quernmore towards the Trough of Bowland was actually scary as I couldn’t see the road, just a haze of rain being lit up by the bar mounted lights. Even when i could make out where the ground was (!) the heavyness of said rain, along with the stupidly strong gusting wind just ripped the water back up off the floor creating a shimmering, unintelligible mess.
For a good 30 minutes or so I navigated my way round the pitch black country roads by watching the hedges on either side of the tarmac. God knows how i didn’t crash or wipe out.

Friday’s after work ride was accompanied by rather apologetic weather – all quiet and calm after the previous nights tantrum and wasn’t too bad, though i was a tad tired so just cruised and span my legs out for a few hours.

Sunday’s weather was a full on winter attack, lots of freezing cold rain and gusty winds. I wore lots of clothes and managed to stay nice and warm for the whole ride. The cross bike lost big chunks of it’s brake pads round rivi, darwen tower etc…and big long strips or it’s rims too – scary stuff.

Yesterday’s ride was just miserable. OK so it hardly rained and remained sunny for the vast majority of the day, but the wind was so strong and so constant that everything became either an “i’m getting knowhere” slog or stupidly fast “i’m not tring but i’ve run out of gears” spin. I felt pretty drained too, which didn’t help.
Oh and it was bloody cold.
Oh and my HRM died, boo.
On the plus side, the new torq recovery stuff I’ve got is delicious – banana and mango, yum. It’s just like a smoothie when you make it twice as strong as it should be (i’m allowed to do that cos i ride for chuffing ages, so nerr).

Got to book the car in for a service this week, the brakes are making the kind of noise all my bikes make whenever i pull the levers, so they must be worn out! I dred to think how much it’ll cost – nothing’s gone wrong with it or owt, but I forsee lots of little jobs being needed to keep it going as nicely as it has done so far. It’s never missed a service in it’s entire life (and I got it 3rd hand) from the main dealer, so i’m going to take it back to them to carry on (and, completely coincidentally, they’re based near to Rivi, so i *may* have to ride home after dropping it off…)
I cleaned it for the first time since I got it back in April over the weekend in anticipation of it’s service (well, i ran it through the drive-through car wash thing…on the cheapest setting) and swept out a season’s worth of race-course mud from the back of it. Not only is it easy to cram loads of bike kit in, but it’s simple to wipe clean afterwards, ace!
The air freshners in it are worn out though…unless they were “scent of sweaty rider and damp soil” ones…

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  1. From New Zealand Cycle tour

    Weather here has been crap too dave

    Comment by terry — December 2, 2008 @ 4:02 am

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