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November 17, 2008

real ale wobble

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Yeah, ’twas good.
Every year I’ve done it I’ve got cold while out on the ride, so this year I wore full on winter kit only to be faced with unseasonably warm temperatures. Oh well.
the welsh weather lived up to it’s reputation in other ways though – drizzle, heavy drizzle, mist and low lying cloud hung around for the whole ride. It had obviously been hanging round for weeks before we turned up as well as some parts of the course where ‘top-of-the-wheel’ deep puddles…any warantees on any parts of my drivechain that were still in place at the start of the ride where long gone by then end!

beer glasses

That pic was taken 2.5hrs after we got to the pub…and 2.5hrs before we called it a night. Nice.
Some good ales were supped – Outstanding’s “Ginger” was the most notable, simply for being, well, very gingery. No real bad ‘uns this time round, though the wide ranging sampling left me with quite a headache on the Saturday morning. 35 miles in the sopping wet sorted that out well enough.

Everyone seemed to enjoy it – those of us staying in the luxury chalets, equipped with showers, heating, tellie and brew making facilities seemed happiest…well, we were the cleanest anyway!

Rich and I nipped to Llandegla (sp) on the way home to sample it’s wares. We stuck to the red route and decided that the first half was much better than the second and that it deserved another visit so we could check out the black options and make a day of it.

My front brake appears to be leaking slightly, which is a bit of an arse, but luckily spare parts seem to cost a pittance…and they needed a good service anyway.

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