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October 21, 2008

battling on through

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more base training last week (a reduced number of hours though, i’m not making myself ill again this time round), by golly it’s dull. I wore right through a set of brake pads (and probably the rims too) on the road bike trying to keep my heart rate steady while rolling down the hills on sunday’s ride.
it’s at this time of year that you have to just sit there (comparatively) and tell yourself that it’ll all be worth it in a few months time. steady as she goes and all that.

yesterday’s ride was ridden through some awesome wind; it was strong enough to keep me at over-road-bike-pace on the cross bike for the first hour, before becoming an absolute bugger of a cross/head wind while climbing over waddington fell…in fact i had to pedal to get back down the other side (normally you can sit comfortably at 50 while tucked in)!
suffice to say that the crossing of salter fell was insanely blowy; i was pushed straight off the track a few times on the highest part of the route and, when i picked the bike up to carry it back to the path, the wheels were caught by the gale and it flung itself directly into my shins. oww. chuffing brilliant though, i allowed myself a few seconds to just stand facing the hurricane, getting battered full on while making “woop” noises and grinning 🙂
silly weather.

my legs seem to be slowly getting used to riding again; i felt fresh enough on the way home to take on the annoying climb up from the inn at whitewell as an added extra and powered up it quite nicely. about halfway up i heard the unmistakable sound of a tuned up car revving its way up the ascent behind me and decided to see if i could ge to the top before it.
i failed, but it was good fun trying and the driver of the ace old ford escort (proper rallyed up thing) obviously realised what i was doing and waved as be flew past, cool 🙂


  1. good crack dave , im a week behind you … started my own winter training last night .

    My god its windy …. we battled the head wind for an hour and got blown home in half an hour ….. so i had to go do some more as id speced a 2 hour ride !

    Comment by terry — October 22, 2008 @ 9:52 am

  2. lol
    i’ve done that before now…though it’s better that way round than riding out with a tailwind and realising it’s going to take you aaaaages to get home into the headwind!

    Comment by dgpowell — October 23, 2008 @ 4:38 pm

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