Growing old disgracefully

  • pisser

    went out for a road ride yesterday afternoon and ended up feeling as sick as i have the last few times i’ve raced.

    i was down on power right from the off and losing time (against my “normal” times) over the nice hilly first 50 miles. in fact after 52 miles i had to stop and just sit on a wall at the side of the road feeling miserable while trying to decide whether to carry on round a reduced route or just roll straight home.

    i decided to carry on, slowly, mostly because it was a lovely afternoon and i was in the middle of properly nice countryside when i’d normally be sat at work, so it seemed a shame to give up.

    i ended up getting home 6hrs 21mins after i set off (i spent 31 mins stood/sat still), which was 29 mins off my average time for that loop, and still don’t feel right even now. Bah. getting kind of fed up with this whole illness thing now.


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  • Matt 2:31 pm on July 30, 2008 | #

    You’re old, expect the illness to continue to death..

    Oh my – what a happy comment 😉

  • Douglas F Shearer 3:12 pm on July 30, 2008 | #

    Sounds like a virus induced by overtraining, similar to what Killean had last year. Maybe for some serious time off the bike.

  • Terry 2:25 pm on July 31, 2008 | #

    yeah id be inclined to agree with dougal. me work colleagues got similar symptoms, coach pushin him to hard

    take some time off youll feel stronger at sits for it !!

  • dgpowell 9:40 am on August 1, 2008 | #

    hmm, i’ve no idea what it is TBH; i took myself out yesterday and did the same ride without feeling rough

    admittedly the actual riding time was only 3mins quicker, but i didn’t have to stop (and i guess i was hampered a bit by the stronger wind and wet, slippy roads)

    might try again on sunday to see how i feel then; if i’m OK it might just have been a blip or something i’ve got under control, if i’m rough again i might try and chill for a couple of weeks instead of racing

  • Matt 6:24 pm on August 1, 2008 | #

    I doubt it’s over-training, as you’re feeling sick (leading to tiredness) not tired from the off.

    You could just be going though a phase, or it could be the temperatures, although last race couldn’t have been that warm. I think your problem at races is too much sugary stuff overloading yourself and messing your insides up.

    In the heat you want to be drinking a lot more water over sports drinks IME, as those drinks have way too much sticky content and you need a large quantity over a 24 hour race.

    Might be time to try a new strategy as your current one’s clearly not working when you’re riding more than 7-8 hours.