Growing old disgracefully

  • Bedded in…

    finished building/tidying up the new scandal on saturday and what better way to check everything was correctly adjusted, tightened properly and bedded in than hammering it while racing?!
    Nowt that’s what, so i did (race it…a bit)
    The NPS series came to Grizedale so i entered the whyte enduro on the sunday and gave the bike a bit of a pasting.
    I can officially say that everything that sas going to come loose has now come loose and has been sorted.
    The chain came apart twice; both times it was the “QR link” thing that dissasembled itself on the rocky singletrack sections so now i’ve got rid of them and have put the chain together properly (and was eaten alive by miges while sat around in the woods fettling it)
    The headset loosened off once (fair enough, that was just bedding in)
    The saddle slipped down in the frame lots of times, though i think i’ve got that sorted now by turning the seatclamp round and winding on lots of torque

    dusty, raced and ready for more

    I’m v. happy with the riding position and overall feel of the bike, now the bars are the right width for me it felt really nice and natural…possibly slightly too long for really gnarly tech DH stuff, but then that’s not really what the bike is all about…and it didn’t slow me down on any of the swoopy, rocky singletrack or steep descents while racing, so i’m happy!

    The course was good fun, it was what i was hoping the wildboar24 course would be like, with lots of rocky singletrack interspersed with some fireroad climbs to break the field up a bit, so i really enjoyed myself.
    I only did 4 laps and didn’t go flat out on the tech stuff (mayhem is in a few days and i didn’t want to smash myself up poitlessly) but i got my heart rate up a bit, had the bike sorted by the last lap and managed to take part in another event where it didn’t rain! Yay!

    Kudos has to go to joolze for taking pics in the most insane places; risking life and limb on some of the most crash-prone corners for what will no doubt be cracking shots!


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  • Rich 10:57 am on June 16, 2008 | #

    Looks good. See you at the weekend.

  • dgpowell 11:19 am on June 16, 2008 | #

    you will!

    in fact i think it’s time for a bit of mayhem weatherwatching to begin…

    met office
    uk weather
    oh look, they don’t agree, how suprising…

  • matt 1:42 pm on June 16, 2008 | #

    My weather forecasting data has been crunched by my super-computer and the summary for the weekend was “Quack”

    I has some CX tyres you can borrow 🙂

  • TimK 2:30 pm on June 16, 2008 | #

    See you at the weekend too Dave, i’m might come find you in the solo patch before the race rather than just heckle you while racing 😉
    You can’t miss me cos i’ll either be riding rich’s scandal or my bright pink ss 😮

  • dgpowell 4:29 pm on June 16, 2008 | #

    look for the expensive looking bikes next to a tatty looking rider…