Growing old disgracefully

  • The devil’s in the detail

    nearly finished the new scandal (which i shall name scandal02, as i have no imagination). This one’s obviously newer than Brants; you can tell cos the decals (etching/however they’ve done the branding) on the non-drive side actually say “ScandAl” not “AlScand”!

    the finishing touches needed to get it race ready are:

    1) cut down the fleegle pros a bit. they were obviously designed to fit mr tickle comfortably.

    monkey bars

    2) get another front mech as the one i had on the cabal has no tyre clearance (it had a curved seatube, whereas this frame doesn’t)

    mech issues

    3) glue the glittery-blue grips on cos angela has been eyeing them up jealously


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  • paul4stones 9:39 pm on June 15, 2008 | #

    Mr Tickle? Took me a good while to get used to cut down Fleegle Pros I can tell you. Mind you – good wide bars are more useful when there are no gears.

    Lovely clean chain!