Growing old disgracefully

  • cooking with gas

    at least, wayne’s arms were on Sunday’s “proper summer” ride (sun, warmth, milkshakes and cake, dusty trails, sunburn etc). 🙂

    after the demise of the cabal i’m getting together the new parts i’ll need for it’s replacement; another (pimped out) scandal, which should look fairly similar to the current one:

    on-one scandal 29er

    but weigh a few pounds less, the full spec being:

    Frame: on-one scandal 29er
    Fork: On-one carbon superlight
    Headset: on-one smoothie

    Bontrager Race x Lite 29er
    QR: USE Ti spin stiks (silver)
    Tyres: Schwalbe Racing Ralph 2.4″(dry) Bontrager ACX 2.2″(mud)

    Rims: Mavic Open Pro black
    Rim Tape: cloth parcel tape
    Spokes: DT competition black
    Hubs: Shimano m750 XT disc (black)
    QR: Shimano XT
    Tyres: IRC Mythos II 2.1″(dry) Bontrager ACX 2.2″(mud)
    Tubes: no name cheapo (26″ ‘to save rotating weight’)

    Brakes: Hope Mini (145/165mm rotors)
    Bars: on-one fleegle pro’s
    Stem: FSA XC115 (flipped to have -5 degree rise)
    Grips: ODI Subliminal


    Shifters: Shimano XT Rapidfire
    R mech: Shimano XTR
    F Mech Shimano XT
    BB: Superstar ceramic HTII
    Chainset: Shimano XTR (hollowtech 2)
    Middleburn xtr hardcoat slickshift chainrings
    Chain: Sachs pc99 hollowpin
    Cassette: Shimano XT 11-32
    Cables: Shimano XT
    Pedals: Crank Bros Eggbeater Ti
    Seatpost: USE Ti alien
    Seatclamp: Cannondale
    Saddle: Planet X Team Ti

    might have it built and ready to go for this weekend’s NPS marathon in grizedale – a nice last minute bit of training for the following weekend’s Mountain Mayhem.

    Rich is currently panicking/fixing his bike as he’s entered in the microsoft challenge, which he claims will be “good practice” for the Open12 race we’re doing together the weekend after Mayhem. I’m secretly hoping he’ll tire himself completely out so he doesn’t make me look rubbish (so if you’re in his team and are reading this, please feel free to push the pace…)!

    It’s tough being a corporate hot racerboy sometimes 😉


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  • matt 4:59 pm on June 10, 2008 | #

    You’re not hot.

    I see you’re actually putting grips on the new bike, that’ll make a change from the random rubbery bits on the current bike.

  • Tom 5:02 pm on June 10, 2008 | #

    Not going for some sus forks on one of the bikes yet for those baked hot rutted xc courses?

  • matt 5:11 pm on June 10, 2008 | #

    Dave’s used to the stupidly rocky stuff around here, ruts are no problem.

  • Simon 5:42 pm on June 10, 2008 | #

    Build a singlespeed you crazy fool. I’m getting bored of your excuses for not finishing races 🙂

  • dgpowell 11:30 am on June 11, 2008 | #

    me? singlespeed? ha! can you imagine the carnage?!

    i’ve changed my mind on which grips i’m putting on, i’ve found some if these bad boys for full on gnarly aceness

    sheer class in grip form


  • Wayne 2:06 pm on June 11, 2008 | #

    They look much better than the ribbed condoms stuffed with popped bubble wrap you had on your scandal at the weekend 😉

  • dgpowell 10:27 am on June 12, 2008 | #


    i’ll have you know those grips are on-one tickety-boo’s and are a collectors item now 😉

    in their heyday they looked like this

  • TimK 8:36 am on June 13, 2008 | #

    Racing Ralph 2.4’s are ACE!! got a new set on my pink ss and they just do everything well in dry to damp conditions and the volume takes the sting out of the trail when running rigid forks. Fingers crossed for a dry Mayhem.

  • dgpowell 1:26 pm on June 13, 2008 | #

    yup, my fav tyres ever (and god knows i’ve tried enough!)

    pretty made up brant got some in, they’ll never be the biggest sellers, being £35 each, but i really do thing they’re worth the moola