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April 26, 2021

Superstar nobody

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Bittersweet things, final laps. I mean, you’ve done it, you’ve fought your way though the whole race – the whole series, in fact – you’ve earned a finish line, the right to have the chequered flag waved for you even if a few people have already had it waved at them before you get to it. Everything from the starting whistle, from packing the van in the morning, from the “one last go at getting the gears working silently” in the garage days before has been for that finish line.
But why would you want it? Why would you want the chasing to stop, the racing to end, the all encompassing bubble you feel totally central to to burst?

Posted by Stuart Rider on Saturday, 24 April 2021

Thanks to Stu for the pic – and the cheering!

Between the tape the noise is directed at you (even when there’s no spectators, officially), your name echoes, your team is chanted as you pass, endless encouragement and heartfelt hope is fired at you. Your ego will allow you to feel like you’re worthy of it all. A midpack superstar. You cross the finish line and you melt back into the course side chattering melee.
So yes, bittersweet.

Even more so this season. Looking at how the odds were stacked, how fate and teeny tiny virus molecules moved around non of us should have had the opportunity to climb inside our own race bubble. Most didn’t. Sport stopped all summer and for most the winter was written off well before it even arrived. Only few people with enough enthusiasm to carry the hope of a whole (oversubscribed, even) field of entrants and so much positivity they probably look at the National Lottery and think “Nah, I’ll take on something with more probability of failure, that’s too easy” stepped up and expertly stepped over all the barriers (insert pun about bunnyhopping the barriers here…). There shouldn’t have been a finish line to cross at any point over the winter and this spring, but thanks to their belligerent belief, there have been several.

I got to race, to chase people blatantly more skilled and faster than me, over and over again (albeit at fewer venues than would be considered normal), to pretend I was some sort of superstar thanks entirely to these guys.
My pretend few moments of being a somebody might have melted into the overall course side din within seconds of crossing the line (happily, I should add, to be part of that mass of race-humming-equals really is one of the joys of these events), but the work put in by what I’d say is the closest we’ll get to superstars, to get these events to even exist, deserves recognition for a whole lot longer.
I guess to these organisers adversity is just a type of camber…and we know how much a cyclocross rider loves taking on a tricky camber 🙂

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  1. Cambers are metaphors for life, and this proves it.

    Comment by Dave Haygarth — April 26, 2021 @ 11:39 am

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