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April 6, 2021

Not brief enough

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First event of 2021 took place last weekend. Hopefully the first of many and hopefully the last that felt quite like it did!

A 10 mile TT is a pretty simple affair (despite all the nuances you can get bogged down in) – turn up, ride your bike, eat some cake, go home.
Last Saturday’s TT was made more difficult by being A) stupidly early in the morning (no breakfast for me, or enough sleep!) and B) bloody freezing (not only was there the excitement of seeing if I still fitted in the skinsuit, but I had to attempt to shoehorn a baselayer underneath it for warmth!)

I “warmed up” on the turbo trainer next to the van with the temperature guage on my Garmin happily telling me it was well below freezing. I could tell, as the “warm up” basically got me from “shivering with sore hands” to “not shivering as much”. By the time I’d zipped up with skinsuit, clambered o the race bike and pulled on a thin pair of gloves (aero, doncha know) I was back to shivering again. Arse.

I’d hoped that I’d warm up within a mile or so, so set off quite conservatively and planed to build up the power / pace as my legs got more supple. What actually happened was the wind chill made everything worse…and worse…and worse.
By 3 miles in my legs were stiffer and less interested in pushing any power through the pedals than they were at the start. By the halfway point my hands and feet were burning cold, shortly after which they went utterly useless to the point where I couldn’t change gear as I couldn’t feel the shifter in my hand! By 7 miles I’d given up hope of a reasonable time and just wanted to go home and by 8 miles I was getting more and more upset with how much pain I knew I was going to be in when I got back to the van and my limbs started to regain some feeling.


Looking for positives from the ride, my new (bought in bits from ebay) bike didn’t fall to pieces – in fact It was very comfy (I didn’t even get the “sore glutes from the first TT of the season, so I didn’t get the riding position too wrong and have some scope for development) and I fitted i the skinsuit with enough room for a baselayer, without the zip looking like it was going to explode. That’ll do.

CX next weekend. Hopefully a bit warmer!

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