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May 28, 2008

Alienated by Adverts

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“when you need 100 million in bonds to create a city in the desert…”

“when you need to organise a global workforce across 10 timezones to facilitate your government policies…”

“Oh bloody hell, this TV channel really isn’t aimed at people like me, is it?” I pondered, as another company, with the word “solutions” in their title tried to convince me that i needed their consultants to “strategically something my global position in something else to aid me in stramlining something I’ve not heard of before”. The BBC World News channel was quite obviously for international, high flying, executive, successful businessmen…not a beer swilling, package holiday enjoying dreamer like me, but i continued to watch, simply because it was the only channel in english (though the turkish version of Deal or No Deal held my attention for a while).

The rest of the holiday was more on my level…and occasionally below it (“it’s chikkin an chips thou, innit”), with some nice views, sun and the occasional beer. The 9hr flight delay on the way back was a bit galling though (I finally got in at 4.30am…making the following day’s 6hr ride even worse than it would have been)

beer on the beach

I’m back now and I see that it’s windy, cold and wet outside. Oh good.

olu deniz from above

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  1. The weather broke a lot when you were away. It’s bloody freezing too.

    Comment by matt — May 28, 2008 @ 1:31 pm

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