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October 4, 2020

Happiness, no matter what

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Quite often I’ll get myself all grumpy about how well a race didn’t go. About how well it should have gone, but somehow I mucked it up. Stupid crashes, poor line choices, mechanical blunders or just poor equipment choice. Frequently there’s something wrong.
Not this weekend though. This weekend was just ace. Not because I did particularly well (I didn’t, but it could have been far worse if I didn’t have enough strength to ride my way back out of the depths I flung myself into) but lets not dwell on that. The simple fact is I got to race my bike, in the mud, against the best there is in the country. This year, with all that’s been goiong on, races can’t really be ruined by not doing brilliantly, just getting to take part is basically a win.
The course was great – well thought out given the restrictions we’re all living under at the moment, while still mixing big power straight, leg sapping climbs and lack-of-skill highlighting tricky sections. The running of the event was flawless enough for everyone taking part to not really notice it – not that any of us were being complacent; marshals, commissaires, judges, they all deserve huge thanks at the best of times, right now they all deserve medals and we were (and still are) incredible grateful.

Pic by Richard Howes

As for the racing itself…well, to blunder into a cliche, you couldn’t ask for more! Fast, close (as in lots of evenly matched riders swapping places as their various strengths came to the fore on different parts of the course) but always fair. No argy-bargy (I guess that would be frowned upon right now) but plenty of battles for the racing line though each corner. Plenty of attacks and counter attacks. In my case plenty of early race mistakes, followed by some frantic regaining of places. Everything cyclocross can be, really, even if there wasn’t a pit crew to swap and clean bikes for you every few minutes. I finished Saturday’s race already looking forward to Sunday’s. No great result had been earned but it didn’t seem to matter, it was well worth repeating.

Pic By Dave “I did this” Haygarth

Two days of great racing and, just as good, a sense of normality in meeting the extended cx family in a muddy field. Great to see all of you, here’s hoping we can do it all again soon 🙂

Three races done now, in this weird season. I’m sure there’ll be awesome results to shout about at some point soon, but for now I’m just going to keep pointing out how the hard work people put into getting these races going and when they end up as good as this weekend was – even in the current situation – is totally worth it.

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