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August 16, 2020

Less is more

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Another TT this weekend. A straight, simple, not “SPOCO” (ie hilly), not hill climb, flat out TT.

Well, I say not hilly. Lots of people go enter TTs on this particular course because it’s a great big cheat of a route. You start about 120ft higher up than you finish. The first half mile or so is, lets not beat around the bush here, a descent. As I’d not raced it before I worked on the assumption that I’d be getting a PB on the night simply because the only other TTs of the same length that I’d done were ‘club’ ones on much faffier (and flatter!) courses. I decided to pay no attention to the time and just look at my power instead.

Perhaps stupidly I’d not armed up particularly well, so I suffered a bit getting my HR up and never really got on top of the effort. I also suffered a bit with my gears…in so much that I didn’t have any big enough for the first mile (I mean really, I was spinning out 52×11 and hitting 40mph, that’s just daft!), so I literally couldn’t get lots of power out!
Yes, there were some slight traffic issues – the rider in front of me was going slower and built up a bit of a jam behind them, which I caught up to and then got stuck with until the drivers learned to overtake – but nothing that would really cause anyone to write the evening’s ride off, it just meant I was spinning when I should have been thrashing out the mega watts 😀

Depiste not feeling “on it”, not having big enough gears for the downhill (I’m calling it that from now on), the mini traffic jam and almost going the wrong way at the finish – the finish being down (yes, down again) a slip road, which i only noticed about half a second before missing the turning, thankfully there wasn’t anyone behind me as I made my last minute course correction! – I pushed out the same wattage as I did in last year’s “clubs 10”.
On that occasion I’d felt good and thought I’d put a good solid effort in, this time I knew I was down on power and not yet at race fitness, which is a nice positive to take from it!

Oh and yes, I did get a PB, by over 2 minutes. Still not buying a TT bike though.

Pic by Ellen (who I didn’t spot on the night!)
And no, I’m not actually as fat as that picture suggests. Honestly. I’ve no idea why I look like a barrel bellied porker! ?

As always, big thanks to Lee at Transition MTB Coaching – he knows what he’s doing, even when I don’t!

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