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August 3, 2020

Something happened!

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Well, after several months of no racing (apart from pretend races against imaginary people while training, who I always beat…), last weekend saw a competitive event take place 🙂

After having it pointed out to me, I couldn’t resist entering the NLTTA 50 Championships. They might lack the explosivity (and you could argue the handling…) required for ‘cross, but there is a nice simply purity to the suffering involved and, as we all know, you (well, I) can’t train as hard as you can race. So my name went in the hat and got pulled out along with 119 others. Happy days!

I dug out the posh road bike the week before and reattached the aero bars, snuck out and put some effort in for 25miles, to see if I could even ledal in the bent double, hunched up position after months and months of not trying to get aero. I managed it and (ahem, thanks Lee) got some decent power out of my legs even though I was obviously less effieicnet in the untrained stance. I wasn’t 100% comfortable but given the lack of preperation I was happy enough.
I think, and I know this seemes a little odd, I’d missed the pre race faff almost as much as the event. The simplicity of getting the legs fresh in the run up to the event, getting race day kit together, working out timings in my head about when to be where/what to have with me, what contingencies to plan for. Making race day as structured as possible can be very cathartic and, by the time I actually rolled up to the start line I was wonderfully relaxed. 🙂

The actual event went pretty well. Yes, there were the “classic TT excuses” to deal with – held up in traffic on the one narrow section of the course, more slow traffic on the roundabouts, visor fogging up in the (lashing down!) rain and so on and so forth, but I held a relatively steady power / heart rate for the first 30 or so miles and didn’t panic when my rhythm got messed up by the aforementioned traffic and I ended up having to do a series of mid TT sprints to reaccelerate after negotiating the Sunday drivers. I wasn’t able to settle back into the steady state I’d had before, but the final 20 miles weren’t awful and I finished in a decent enough 1hr 50mins with a nice new power PB for the first 90mins, despite not being used to riding on the aero bars. Can’t be disgruntled with that!


Next up is the NLTTA 10 in a couple of weeks. A few adjustments to the bike needed after they made themselves
uncomfortably noticable (saddle position and the like, nothing drastic) and hopefully a chance to get another nice power PB to make the summer of training despite all the lockdown issues feel even more worthwhile 🙂

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  1. Ace. Acey ace. Racing is ace.

    Comment by Dave Haygarth — August 3, 2020 @ 2:14 pm

  2. Oh to pin a number on in 2020 🙁

    Comment by BeerBiker — August 3, 2020 @ 3:27 pm

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